Stitchfix Review

I love Stitchfix, if you haven't heard of it, let me tell you! They assign a personal stylist to you, you know like the celebrities get, she has your sizes and preferred style, and asks if there is anything special you are looking for. It's great! You can get a stitch fix shipment delivered every month, every quarter, every payday or just when you feel like it. No commitment or obligation. It's like going into a dressing room without the hassle. They send you 5 pieces in your size, try them on, think about it for 3 days, and send back what you don't want. They just charge you $20 when they send it out, and then you pay the difference for whatever you keep. Shipping is free both ways, you really can't beat the ease and convenience of stitch fix. My stylist Jennifer always leaves a nice note as to why she picked the pieces, and how I should wear them. I really need that part.

My favorite piece in this shipment was the Hailey 23 Marcia dress. It's a dark navy, that looks almost black. I love the halter style and big bold flowers. This just makes me happy, and will be a great piece in Spring.

Few people know this, but Stitchfix now even has shoes! They sent me the Mia Britt Rhinestone flats, which I love. These will get worn a lot.

There really is no down side to trying Stitchfix. Try Stitchfix now, it will get you out of your wardrobe rut.
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